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We have known each other since birth.  Our parents were in each others weddings and Linda's Mom and Dad are Kevin's godparents. We used to play together as kids and Kevin's brother and Linda's sister married us at age 6. (Here is a picture of us at Kevin's 4th birthday).  

Kevin went to Catholic school and Linda went to publc school and our lives went in different directions. Almost 45 years later, we reconnected when Kevin was visiting his father when Linda and her mother were visiting at the same time in Fort Wayne. Three years later, we are excited to be getting married to begin our lives together.

We would love if you could join us for our wedding and reception in beautiful Jamaica. Through this website, our hope is to provide enough information along with how to book your stay. Feel free to contact either either one of us if you have any questions.  260-417-6562 or 312-823-9300.

In October 2016, we visited Half Moon for Kevin's 60th birthday. Kevin surprised Linda with a proposal while eating dinner at beautiful and romantic Sugar Mill Restaurant. 

Linda was completely surprised and Kevin did not tell anyone except for the Half Moon staff.